Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Business of Forging Student Assignments

Not government related, but extremely interesting nonetheless:

The Ghost Scholar

The article is about a man (and his team of 50 writers) who are paid by students to churn out college papers on every conceivable topic, from admission essays to graduate dissertations. If it doesn't turn out to be bogus, it's a great read.

Monday, November 15, 2010

State Kidnaps Child Over Bagel

Gotta love the "war on drugs".

What's the obvious thing to do when a woman gives birth and her urine tests positive for "drugs"? Well, if you're Lawrence County, PA, the first thing you do is shows up at the parents' door and takes the child by force, and only after that do you figure out whether or not any drugs were actually involved, and whether or not the child was in any danger.

Then later, when you find out the woman simply had an "Everything" bagel from Dunkin' Donuts the day before, you say "Oops! What a silly misunderstanding!" and give the kid back all bashful like.

(Then you get sued by the ACLU, the taxpayer foots the bill for your incompetence, and you probably won't even get a reprimand! Teehee!)

TSA: Refusing to let us grope you? We'll fine you $10,000 for that!

More TSA idiocy.

1. Man researches airport online and finds that the airport does not have nude-imaging machines installed.
2. Man shows up at airport and finds they do in fact have nude-imaging machines.
3. Man refuses to go through the nude-imaging machine, and have a pat down instead, but objects to the intention of the TSA to grope his crotch.
4. Man is told he can't fly and will have to leave, which he agrees to.
5. On the way out, he's intercepted and told he'll be fined $10,000 for leaving the line like they told him to in the first place.

And for a bonus, the people who made him leave won't be subject to any punishment at all (you know, because they are in charge and all).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Totally Hilarious: Obama = Keynesian?

Hopefully not representative of the population at large, but hilarious nonetheless: